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Video about Healing Touch, from an interview in Nepal

Here’s a short video of an interview I did for a Nepali TV network show on Health & Wellness.

The lovely woman who hosts the weekly show came to have Healing Touch treatments by me & HTP-apprentice Uttam Kamal Bajracharya at his clinic in the Kathmandu Valley. She was so pleased with the results that she sent her videographer to tape me answering a series of questions about Healing Touch. I felt deeply honored to be given this opportunity to explain our work, especially in a country where Complementary/Alternative/Integrative healthcare is the norm, & it’s validity and usefulness is accepted by most people.

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Another Month in Nepal

Another month in Nepal


From December 27, 2016 – January 26, 2017, I was again in Nepal, this time teaching a few energy   therapy self-care classes, visiting my Nepali friends and Healing Touch students. The above photos are from such a class that I taught at the Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) of Lalitpur, Nepal. 


While there, I also had the deeply spiritual experience of attending a 10-day mindfulness retreat at the lovely, serene Kopan Monastery, on a hilltop overlooking the Kathmandu Valley.


This was followed by a 4 day visit to Lumbini, the birthplace of  the Gautam Buddha, just north of the border with India. Along with seeing the actual site of his birth (in the 600’s BCE), I was able to visit the numerous temples, stupas and monasteries scattered over the 30 sq. Km. Lumbini Development Zone. These were erected with funds from Buddhists in many different countries, and are built in the style of those countries. Fascinating and deeply moving. Here are a few photos of my favorites:



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6 Weeks in Nepal

From Oct. 15-Nov. 25, 2014 I did volunteer work with Aparna Bhatta, the only HT Instructor in southern Asia. She graciously shared her home with me, and we offered several Healing Touch introductory presentations to non-profit organizations, a Naturopathic College in Bhaktapur, and the oldest & largest Ayuredic College in Nepal. Together we co-taught a Level 1 Healing Touch class to 13 Nepali-speaking students in Patan. I taught the technique part of a Level 1 class in Gorahi, in the remote Dang District of SW Nepal, and concluded with solo-teaching my first class of English-speaking Nepali students in Chabahil, a suburb of Kathmandu. All these students were amazing –  so interested in learning more healing modalities; using them on family, friends and clients, and so open to energy work in general. It was a delight!

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Aparna teaching Level 1 in Lalitpur 2 on1 Chakra Connection Magnetic clearing, Uttam






2014-11-14 12.21.46 Kopila doing chakra connection 2014-11-15 10.25.50 2014-11-15 16.41.06




























We also organized and hosted the 1st Annual Nepal Healing Touch Conference, in a suburb of Kathmandu, with about 45 total attendees – Healing Touch Level 1-3 students and a few prospective students. I taught Self Mind Clearing and the Diamond Technique and Aparna taught the group to do Full Body Tapping. The event went very well, and planning is already begun for the 2nd annual conference next November.

1st Nepal HT Conference