Self Chakra Connection

Here is the link to a wonderful video of a Healing Touch self-care technique designed to open, connect, balance and vitalize all the energy centers of your body, to increase your well-being, ground and center yourself, and promote vibrant health in your body’s energy system. This new video is a gift to you all from Jeannette Nienaber, HTCP/I and Instructor Manager for the Healing Touch Program. Jeannette lives on lovely Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada. Thank you Jeannette & the Healing Touch Program for sharing this video.

Below the video link is a  downloadable, printable handout to help you remember the steps in this technique. I recommend trying it daily, or at least when you are feeling unbalanced physically, emotionally, mentally or spirituality.

Before doing this or any other energy healing technique, it is important to center and ground yourself to be fully present in your body, focused on self-healing, and connected to the energy of the earth.  This can be done by taking several slow deep breaths, focusing on the air entering & leaving your lungs, letting go of any stresses about past events or worries/concerns about the future. To ground, visualize energy roots going down from your feet, extending deep and wide into the earth, bringing you balance, strength and stability.

In this, as in most Healing Touch techniques, you hold each hand position for about 1 minute, or longer if you choose. 

Here is the printable handout for doing this technique: 

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