About Penny

PB, 8,2016Who is this doctor, and why is she doing Healing Touch?

I am a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor, and Qualified Mentor for Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentices. Despite not being able to teach live introductory, self-care or Level 1 classes since the pandemic began, I am hopeful for resuming in 2022. Using Zoom, I now lead a monthly group of healers, offering interactive presentations by providers and instructors of various complementary, alternative modalities. 

As a board-certified holistic family physician since 1980, I worked in family medicine group office practices for 28 years, then did 3+ years of a solo house call family practice before retiring from active family medical practice at the end of 2011. I still maintain my MD license.

My interest in holistic, integrative medicine began about 20 years ago, when my daughter became a Holistic Healer and I sought to gain further understanding of this approach to health care. The focus on understanding the whole person and facilitating his or her self-healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels fit with the way I had always approached the practice of family medicine.

Dorothea 2010

In mid-2010, a dear friend, Dorothea Hover-Kramer, asked me to read & write a review of a new book she was writing for the public about Healing Touch. Doing so, I was fascinated and felt compelled to learn more about energy medicine.

Thereafter, I completed  Levels  1-6 of Healing Touch training and additional requirements  to become a  Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Certified Instructor. In January 2018, I became a Qualified Mentor, as well.  I have received additional training in Back Chakra Activation, Advanced Chakra Diagnosis & Treatment, Master Hara work, Energy Anatomy  and Sacred Geometry techniques, Polyvagal theory with healing through the vagus nerve, and Crystal Healing. In Nov. 2019,  was privileged to study sound healing  in Nepal, using Himalayan singing bowls, so now also offer sessions using these amazing bowls.

The  years since I began energy healing have been a time of immense growth both personally and as a healer. I find this work joyously fulfilling – beneficial to my clients and to myself in being  ‘healed, whole and healthy’.

2 thoughts on “About Penny”

  1. I wish you the best, you are more that a Doctor, you are a healer and a compassionate, caring human being. Congratulations for moving forward and fulfilling your desire to help people.


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