Self Mind Clearing

This is my own personal modification to the Healing Touch technique of Mind Clearing, to make it easier for use on yourself. It has been approved by the Healing Touch program, and was published in the March-April 2015 edition of their free online Energy Magazine (subscribe or read articles at

Here is the video of Self-Mind Clearing, with my lovely model, Sita, demonstrating the entire technique. My narration will guide you through the hand positions & their rationale.

Self-Mind Clearing has proven very helpful to friends, family,  practitioners, students, clients and others who have tried it. After the Nepal earthquakes in 2015, it was taught to villagers, school teachers, students and government officials, helping them cope with the mental and emotional stress of the massive losses and disruption of their lives.

Right click on the diagram to print or save the file. Feel free to download & print it, share with friends and family, and use it in your own self-care.


If you are interested in why these particular hand positions are used, here’s a link to download an information sheet: Self Mind Clearing rationale for hand positions

 My gift to you all.          Penny


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