Self Care Techniques

This section contains several Healing Touch techniques you can use for self-care. These pages contain video files, and written & illustrated instructions.

Self Chakra Connection is a great way to start or end your day, to open and balance your energy centers (chakras) and energy field. Done in the morning, it can help energize your for the day. Done at bedtime, it is relaxing and helps improve sleep.

Self-Mind Clearing is wonderful for de-stressing, reducing anxiety or anger, relieving tension headaches and clearing mental fog. It will leave you feeling more centered and focused for carrying out the activities of your day.

Diamond Technique is a simple, easy-to-learn technique for strengthening the immune system, & is helpful to do daily, especially if you are prone to infections, are on chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or are having surgery. During the pandemic, I recommend using this technique daily to bolster your body’s defenses.

To access the videos and handouts, click on the technique you want on the drop-down menu list.

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