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Mandala Healing Touch is the energy medicine practice of Dr. Penny Burdick. Your individual one-on-one sessions help you heal on  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

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This kind of therapy is wonderful for relaxing, de-stressing and easing pain, as well as overcoming anxiety, PTSD, and chronic diseases. Treatments before and after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can dramatically reduce side-effects and speed healing.

HT accredited program

I teach Healing Touch Level 1 classes in Sequim , Washington, as well as offer free 1-2 hour participatory Healing Touch self-care workshops to groups. Contact me for more information.

Please explore the website to learn more about my work and background, and about Healing Touch in general. There are some wonderful self-care techniques here, as well.



4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Lovely website Penny! May you and your good healing work be an inspiration for others to follow. Blessings, Jodi

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Profound Depression

Recently, I received the following feedback from a client I had previously treated for severe depression, low self-esteem and a feeling of hopelessness about her life. Having not seen this person for over a year, she contacted me with a recurrence of these same symptoms. After only 1 session, this is what she wrote:

“I **know** when my body is depressed. It’s way beyond a verbal thing. I know… KNOW… that after I emailed you… within an hour of that, the utter despair changed. And it was not fake. And I was not anticipating it. I sensed it in hindsight. And it was as real as real could be. I truly don’t know all that you do…that’s where trust comes in. Last week, I wasn’t looking for miracles or predicting a change and anticipating it, and had nothing happened, I would have been OK with that.
But I sensed a grounding. . .a return to a healthy place. And I’ve been in those dark holes for months and months and more… so, sensing it lift… I know it happened and it was real. I’m not ‘into” self-hypnosis or believing something into happening. So it if happened, it happened. And it did.
So, I’m deeply glad you are there.

Middle-aged woman with recurrent profound depression

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