Mandala Healing Touch is the sound and energy medicine practice of Dr. Penny Burdick. Your individual one-on-one sessions, whether live or distance, help you heal on  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I also offer group Himalayan bowl healing sessions, both in-person and distance (via Zoom).

healing words

This kind of therapy is wonderful for relaxing, de-stressing and easing pain, as well as overcoming anxiety, PTSD, and chronic diseases. Treatments before and after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy can dramatically reduce side-effects and speed healing.

In addition to healing sessions, I offer free 1-2 hour participatory Healing Touch self-care workshops to groups on request.

Please explore the website to learn more about my work and background, about Healing Touch and Himalayan Healing Bowl sessions. There are some wonderful self-care techniques here, as well.

9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Your self mind clearing adaptation is the clearest illustration which I have seen.

    Do you have a similar one for Noel’s Mind Clearing on another recipient?
    Many thanks!

  2. Hello, Dr. Burdick
    I would love to meet and learn from you! I am an LMT and RN and have done some basic energy work training in central Washington. I most recently worked at hospice and loved it, but I would love to learn more and go deeper energetically. Do you have any classes scheduled? I have heard wonderful things about you!
    Thank you,

  3. Good evening,

    I would be super interested in learning from you! Please let me know if and when you resume any of your teachings!


  4. Hi Penny – I was the head nurse in the Memorial SW office when you were a resident .
    Your name popped into my head today so I decided to google you to see where you ended up.
    At the time I thought you were headed toward Wyoming.
    I don’t remember many of the residents names, but I remember you as being so caring and sensitive to your patients needs. So this new direction you have taken seems true to the young resident I remember!
    Best of luck!
    Karen Hickman Thompson

  5. Lovely website Penny! May you and your good healing work be an inspiration for others to follow. Blessings, Jodi

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A client in her 50’s who lives over 1000 miles from me has received a series of these sessions for residual head symptoms from a severe concussion several years ago and a complex fracture of her upper arm 4 months ago. This distance work is done via ZOOM calls. At the end of today’s session, in January 2021, she gave me this feedback:

“It was SO GOOD!” repeated 3 times, with a big grin on her face. “It was a lot in my head at first. I kept getting the word ‘subtle,’ a strong kind of subtle energy, like water healing.” “I felt the Healing Touch on my arm, and grounding in the back of my head and neck. It was very powerful, like a lot had been cleared.”

Distance Full Spectrum Healing for pain from old head injury and fractured arm

Regarding a Full Spectrum Healing session done January 2021 during a prolonged MRI scan. This client has always had problems with claustrophobia with these scans, and required sedation for all previous scans. Having decided to try this scan without any pre-medication, the client contacted me requesting a treatment at the time of the scan. Here was his feedback after the scan was completed:

“I’ve been getting at least one MRI scan every year for the past 10 years, and this was by far the most peaceful and calm.  It was physically uncomfortable, but I did not have that feeling of being on the edge of panic the whole time, which was delightful.  Thank you so much for the treatment!”

Full-Spectrum Healing with Himalayan singing bowls, crystals and Healing Touch, done as a deterrent to claustrophobia

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