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Guided Imagery Light Meditation

This modification of a meditation on light from the old Level 4/5 Healing Touch Notebook (author unknown) is something I use each night just after lying down & turning off the bedside lamp. If your partner, children, dog or cat sleep in/on the same bed, they can easily be included by changing the word ‘I’ to ‘You and ‘me’ to ‘us.’ Hope some of you find this uplifting.

“I am whole. I am full of light.

This light fills every cell of my being. It surges into and through my heart and blood vessels, making me a fountain of light, bringing me vitality, healing, peace, love, joy, compassion and gratitude (you can change these words to whatever you need in your life currently).

In am in the infinite light. The infinite light is in me. I am surrounded by the pure white light.

Nothing but good shall come to me. Nothing but good shall go from me.

I am blessed. I give thanks.”