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5 new Healing Touch Certified Practitioners

It is a delight to announce that 5 of my Healing Touch mentees have achieved the status of Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) within the past 2 months. All are skilled, compassionate, intuitive and loving healers, and are welcomed into the Healing Touch community.

Here they are (L to R): Lyn McKay, Jean Harding, Pamela Drake, me, Colleen Schwartz-Hall (all from WA state), and Paula Ciniero (from Two Rivers, Alaska)

With their achievement of HTCP status, I have now advanced to becoming a Qualified Mentor in the Healing Touch Program, and am welcoming new Healing Touch Practitioner-Apprentices to mentor with me through Level 5 and Certification. I mentor individuals and groups, both locally and at a distance. Group mentoring calls are done using Zoom, enabling rich discussions between mentees in different locations. With this technology, I am also able to observe my mentees providing Healing Touch sessions as a part of their requirements for HTCP status. 

If you have completed Level 4 Healing Touch and are seeking a mentor, I would be happy to discuss mentorship with you. You may contact me at or through the contact form on this website, and we can set up time for a phone conversation to discuss your mentoring needs.

Current and recent news

Healing Stress and Anxiety

Healing Stress and Anxiety

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One of the most common reasons people seek healing sessions these days is anxiety & stress. In this fast-paced world, many folks experience anxiety ranging from a mild constant tension to full-blown panic attacks.

Entering a relaxed state of peace, calmness and feeling cocooned in safety is quite healing for anxiety symptoms. Sessions of Healing Touch, Advanced Chakra treatment and Crystal Healing balance your energy system, bringing mind, body & spirit into a state of relaxation and calmness. With time, they can help reprogram your system to establish a more peaceful state of being and bring insights into your specific triggers for anxiety and tension.

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 These types of hands-on energy healing can cause a significant emotional shift in just one session. For some clients, this is maintained long-term, but most people benefit from a series of several treatment sessions. The addition of meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as learning some energy self-care helps to reinforce the beneficial effects of treatment. I teach these techniques to my clients and will make specific recommendations suitable for YOU & your unique situation.

The greatest healer of stress is the experience of peace.

Consider booking a Healing session – discover the benefits yourself.