Regarding a  Full Spectrum Healing live session on March 23, 2022: I am so pleased to share my feedback with you.  Driving home after your rich, thorough crystals energy session I noticed immediately how much more settled and calm I felt throughout my whole body…especially in the center of my body. I had a better night of sleep.                                                                             Now today, I am not crying as often and I still feel so much calmer and peaceful. My daughter and I had some telephone work to do around financial issues….and I again remained more calm and peaceful.  So dear friend, I cannot thank you enough for your lovely gift of that rich, powerful session you gave me.”   from IW, 3/24/2022

Regarding a group Full Spectrum Healing done via Zoom on Jan. 21, 2022: “This was a wonderful session, I could really feel the energy moving.” from LR in California

“I cannot begin to tell you how well I am doing. You made such a difference -along with time, of course! My anxiety continues to recede. My physical anxiety symptoms are less triggering of emotional anxiety. My upper arm/back is still acting up, but in a way that is maybe the blockage giving up.” from SV, 10/2021

“Thank you so much for sharing your gift of Healing Touch with me while I navigate this unfamiliar territory. Your friendship and energy work on my behalf are integral to my belief that healing will come, and may already be here.” from D.C. 08/2017

“Your distance healing was such an incredible gift – I know it’s why I came out of surgery so well! I’ve told lots of people about it. . . . You are truly a blessing.”  from M.N., 04/2016

“Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you for a myriad of kindnesses. I hope you know how much I appreciate your gift of Healing Touch sessions. . . You have become not only a valued and generous practitioner, but a good friend as well.”from a hospice client, 09/2015

“Since you worked on my head (for frequent complex headaches), I’ve noticed some new interesting sensations, and while the headaches haven’t entirely stopped, their quality is different.”from C.L., 09/2015

“I always feel relaxed, body and soul, guided, a feeling of physical and mental well-being. Thank you.”from D.C., 04/2015

“I just wanted to check in with you about this last week (since her appointment) and a few impressions I experienced. The most lasting sense is that little things that used to bother me, people’s reactions, events, etc. are less troublesome or not at all. It’s such a pleasant relief! The meeting went extremely well! I felt so calm and sure. I supposed that a few comments made would have riled me, but nothing did. On my way to the meeting I called on all the “helpful spirits.” After the meeting I  actually felt “energized” rather than worn out….as I have in the past. I want to thank you for sharing this gift with me and allowing yourself to be the instrument of this kind of healing. It’s rather like years of psychological therapy, spiritual practice and exercise happening at the speed of light.”from B.G., 04/2015

“Dr. Penny Burdick is an amazing human being, a caring physician and a heart-centered Healing Touch professional. Anyone seeking her services would greatly benefit from her uplifting energy and from the loving kindness her beautiful hands generate.
Penny, you inspire me to continue to search deeper, go further and to love and give more. “ from Connie Garcia, HTCP, 01/2015

“Hi Penny,I just wanted to give you an update. I feel great. I have had minimal  (post-operative) pain, it seems to be healing incredibly well. I really believe you made a huge difference. And even though they figured out I have an inherited problem with anesthesia, I think your treatment made all the difference there as well. I had minimal grogginess and everything seemed to clear up in a week rather than months. Thank you so much!” from S.S., 06/2014

“Thank you for the compassionate service you provided to Clark and me during his illness. You know that he eagerly anticipated your visits, and that you brought him physical and emotional peace. But perhaps you didn’t realize how profound your presence was for me, as well. My soul instantly recognized that our home was ‘safe while you were in charge,’ and that all of my attempts to ‘be strong’ were unnecessary and I could really rest, at least for a while. I took some of my ‘sanity naps’ while you were here. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that kindness. Thank you for that and for your spiritual generosity to us.” from L.L., 05/2014

“Greetings Penny,
Just want to tell you how much I enjoyed our session and how relaxed and balanced I feel.  I think the one side kept me just off keel a bit.  A lovely HT.  Thank you very much.”from C.G., 01/2014

“Thank you for your wonderful gift of an extensive Healing Touch experience. I have, for the 1st time in so many months, felt ‘whole.’ I can’t think of any other way to describe focus, and wanting to keep active instead of feeling sleepy.”from P.O., 09/10/2013

“Session was amazing! I love the way I feel now. Visualizations were vivid & I can still feel heat in my core. Could definitely feel the effects spiritually.” from a client at Project Homeless Connect, 02/2013

“I met Dr. Penny when she came to me for a healing session. What a blessing to be able to receive her gift of healing in my time of need. My life was in major transition, and to say that I was out of balance would be an understatement. In just two sessions, the physical pain that I was experiencing in my second chakra was gone. The emotional blocks that were like a veil covering my awareness were lifted, helping to relieve the grief and depression. Penny got me through the dark and back into the light. Thank you Penny, you are a loving, compassionate  presence of healing.” from  Niobe Weaver, Sound Healer, 01/2013

“Penny is an amazing and caring Energy Medicine professional. As a fellow Healing Touch Professional Apprentice, I have received Healing Touch treatments from her and had a profound healing experience. Penny is always giving of herself and ready to assist anyone who asks. Penny, I am honored to have met you and have studied with you.” from C.G., 11/2012

“You helped me feel more relaxed, not just in body, but in mind, which had been racing with fear-filled thoughts. Again, my thanks for a truly healthful visit.” from J.C., 08/2012

“The Healing Touch was a mind and soul experience to really talk about. Words cannot express the feeling of serenity. Thank you Penny. You’re wonderful.” from a client at Project Homeless Connect, 03/2012

“My back feels so much better. That wasn’t faith healing, was it? I’m amazed how much that helped.” from a client at Project Homeless Connect, 03/2012

“The treatment you did has been very balancing. My feet feel pretty equal. My left leg has felt very calm & I have not experienced any stinging in either leg since. The lymph work is amazing! I did the chakra work, and felt so calm the next day. It is wonderful. Your sacred space has such peace and calm. You did a really nice job, Penny.”from C.G., 02/2012

“Thank you very much for today’s treatment. It couldn’t have been more timely. I have felt very well, in a better mood, with peace of heart and more optimism.”from M.L., 06/2011


From Level 1 Healing Touch students:

“Penny was very helpful and presented the materials well. This class was a positive experience for me and well worth the time.” 10/2018

“Without hesitation, would recommend Penny as an instructor and would take HT Level 2 from her, if she taught it.Penny is highly capable, warm, compassionate – a wonderful person and instructor. She represents HT at the highest level. Don’t want to fail to mention her sense of humor – Great!” 03/2017

“Penny’s commitment, enthusiasm, knowledge of H.T. and heart-centered presence makes her classes a joy to be involved in, and ignites a desire to learn more about Healing Touch. She is able to explain the science behind the techniques in a way that makes it easy to understand.” 03/2017

“As an intuitive healing arts practitioner for over 20 years, I didn’t think there was a great deal lacking in my education. HA! However, once more, I was delightfully surprised! The depth of science-based material available to articulate the validity of Healing Touch modalities is impressive. Penny Burdick presents the information very engagingly. It was a well-spent weekend.” 09/2016

“Penny, you are a divine human being and I feel blessed to have been able to spend the weekend learning from you. Thank you!!” 04/ 2016 

“I really enjoyed the class. It will be fun and interesting to use this on my massage sessions. Also appreciate the awesome snacks.”  04/ 2016

” Penny is an incredible instructor, gifted in her ability to teach, inspire and allow students to experience HT at their own pace, while still guiding the class and staying on schedule. Her energy is warm, lively and supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her class to colleagues or friends.” 09/2015

“Penny has a fabulous grasp of the techniques and a concise & clear way of teaching that is memorable and easy to grasp. Structure of the class flows easily from one technique to another, making it easy to remember how to structure a full H.T. session. She also points out the best techniques to use in a crisis or limited time frame for best effect.” 09/2015

“There are so many forms of Energy Medicine. Healing Touch blends so well with my Reiki Practice. Penny was an amazing instructor, leader and hostess. Thank you Penny! I come away feeling more empowered, ready to practice and use my new skills.” 09/2015


“Thank you very much for your wonderful support, guidance and nurturing. I’m so blessed to be able to work with you.” from DD, 01/2022

“Thank you for your continued wisdom and leadership through this final stage towards certification. Looking forward to working with you to the very end!” from NB, 03/2021

“Thank you for your generous sharing of your expertise, knowledge, compassion, and editorial skills! I am so blessed to have you in my life at this time.” from JL, 12/2020

“Thanks for all your help getting to Level 5! Looking back on the whole year+, it’s been a lot of work and a lot of mentoring. Thank you so much! One more final step. Looking forward to your help again. from PB, 10/2020

Dawn, mentees & me at Conference 2019

“I have been honored to have been pinned by you in front of everyone (at the 2019 HT Worldwide Conference). This journey to become an HTCP has been so hard at times, but you have been there always, have encouraged me, and made it so much easier than it would have been without you. It’s an honor to know you and to have been mentored by you.” from JH, 02/2019

“What would I have done without you? You are priceless and have a big heart! Thank you for being my mentor! It made a huge difference.” from CS, 03/2019


me-teaching-at-vhocc-mtg From Astrid Raffinpeyloz, Volunteer Services Manager for Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County (VHOCC)

“Healing Touch is an energy technique that can be used with patients and clients as well as with oneself. Dr. Penny Burdick focused on self-care for all of us caregivers in our volunteer work (and in our personal lives!)

She reminded us that breathing deeply and intentionally allows for centering oneself and took us through a visualization that generated a feeling of being grounded.
We learned various effective ways to care for oneself. These simple exercises can generate a feeling of peace and gratefulness (and for me at least a moment of bliss!) Remember, feeling good is what allows us to sustain our ability to serve our patients and clients well.”

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