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Guided Imagery Light Meditation

This modification of a meditation on light from the old Level 4/5 Healing Touch Notebook (author unknown) is something I use each night just after lying down & turning off the bedside lamp. If your partner, children, dog or cat sleep in/on the same bed, they can easily be included by changing the word ‘I’ to ‘You and ‘me’ to ‘us.’ Hope some of you find this uplifting.

“I am whole. I am full of light.

This light fills every cell of my being. It surges into and through my heart and blood vessels, making me a fountain of light, bringing me vitality, healing, peace, love, joy, compassion and gratitude (you can change these words to whatever you need in your life currently).

In am in the infinite light. The infinite light is in me. I am surrounded by the pure white light.

Nothing but good shall come to me. Nothing but good shall go from me.

I am blessed. I give thanks.”

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Article on the Benefits of Sound Healing

A friend recently sent me this link to an excellent article on the physical, mental & emotional benefits of sound healing sessions, specifically with Himalayan (aka Tibetan) Singing Bowls. Read it to learn more about this wonderful modality.

Set up for live Himalayan bowl sound healing session.

Are you in need of some destressing, relaxation, pain relief or overall energetic balance? Schedule a session, either live or distance, please contact me through this website.

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FLOW as it applies to Energy Healing work

This is an excerpt from a post by Jackie Lawson, HTCP on her web page.

I have heard athletes talk about being “in the zone,” and I have read many accounts of artists and musicians describing their experience of “aesthetic rapture.” Now I am finding people from every discipline talking about “Flow.”

Flow is a state of complete focus, mental clarity, and instinctive action. These are the characteristics of Flow: the sensation of being outside normal reality; the feeling of timelessness; the sense that you are part of something larger; the absence of physical pain; and the experience of ecstasy.

The term Flow was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (pronounced “CHICK-sent-me-high-ee”) one of the world’s leading researcher on positive psychology. Check out his Ted Talk “What makes a life worth living?”

In a WIRED interview about, of all things, websites, Mihaly  was asked: “What do you mean by flow?” His response was:

“Being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

I experience the state of Flow every workday in my healing practice. I would say that as a healer, I have experienced Flow through Connection with Higher Source, Mastery and Setting a Loving Intention.

I propose that Flow + Love = Sacred Space.

I think it’s all the same state. Healing makes whole and, after a healing, clients feel much less addicted, unbalanced, and needy long after the session. In fact, in my practice, energy work has helped clients overcome physical and emotional addictions.

Flow is a healing state.

Please comment with any thoughts, experiences or ideas.

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Distance Healing in the time of COVID

In the 21 months since the COVID pandemic reached our far corner of NW Washington state, doing a live energy healing session is certainly less common, done only for those who are also fully vaccinated, usually with masking.

Fortunately, distance healing sessions are much easier with Zoom calls allowing both audio and visual interaction with clients, even those living far away. Although still offering remote Healing Touch sessions, I find both myself and my clients drawn to what I call Full Spectrum Healing as a more comprehensive and versatile way to do distance work.

In this combined modality, the mainstay of treatment is Sound Healing using Himalayan singing bowls. Played alongside and over the main chakras, they connect, balance and clear these energy centers with their lovely tones and vibrations. Pyramid-shaped healing crystals placed on the chakras focus this vibratory energy into each energy center. The bowls are also toned and moved in special patterns to clear specific areas of energy congestion related to physical, mental or emotional issues. Healing Touch or other advanced healing modalities done over local problem areas rounds out the treatment.

Ready for a distance Zoom Full Spectrum Healing session

With the wonders of computer technology and a sensitive microphone, far-away clients can hear and even feel the healing vibrations of the 7-metal alloy bowls. Initially surprising to all involved, we find these distance sessions to be just as effective as live, in-person healing sessions, and the recipients can be comfortable in their own homes with no need to travel to and from my healing room.

If you are interested in experiencing Full Spectrum Healing, please contact me through this website. An hour-long session can provide a time of calm relaxation, nurturing, de-stressing and self-healing, and improvement often lasts many days or even weeks. Self-care is vital in weathering the storms of COVID, political unrest and environmental changes. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of one of these distance healing sessions.