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Want to learn basic energy self care?

Coming up on May 4-5, 2019, in sunny Sequim, WA, is a great opportunity to learn some easy self-care techniques using Healing Touch. My Level 1 Healing Touch class includes many easy-to-learn techniques to help yourself and others to de-stress, relieve pain, reduce anxiety & depression, sleep better, strengthen you immune system and improve you well-being on physical, mental, emotional  spiritual levels.

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This 2-day class provided 18 continuing education contact hours for nurses, massage therapists and physical therapists, and category 2 hours for physicians. That said, it is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about the human energy system and how to keep it open, clear and balanced.

Here’s a downloadable brochure for the class. Register & send in your deposit by April 5 to receive a significant discount on the tuition.

May 2019 L1 Brochure

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“A truly compassionate person touches a chord in us that resonates with some of our deepest yearnings. People flock to such individuals, because they seem to offer a haven of peace in a violent, angry world. This is the ideal to which we aspire, and it is not beyond our capacity. But even if we achieve only a fraction of this enlightenment and leave the world marginally better because we have lived in it, our lives will have been worthwhile.” Karen Armstrong

In my view, this is what life is all about, and it IS an achievable goal for all of us. This compassion must include ourselves, if we are to be able to openly offer it to others. One way of treating yourself with compassion is daily self-care, whether that is through meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or a gratitude practice.

There are several self-care energy healing techniques in this website, 3 of which include instructional videos. Practice self-compassion by trying one or more of these.

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Universal Consciousness, Mindfulness & Energy Work

The universal consciousness, or divine, is ultimate mindfulness, infinite, pure consciousness, and can be nothing but mindful.

In our physical bodies, we yearn to be reunited with that mindfulness. Meditation is a means to touch and have an experience of that pure consciousness, with out physical form, mental thoughts or the tides of emotion. This is true joy.

When doing energy work, I can only be fully effective when I link to that universal consciousness, access the limitless compassionate energy it creates, and channel this energy of love and healing into my client’s energy field.

The joy for me in this work is to feel this limitless flow of healing love pass through me into another being, with the goal of enhancing her/his ability to self-heal. I feel deeply honored to be such a conduit and to help teach others how to do this. Sometimes the full power of this brings tears to my eyes – tears of joy, of wonder and gratitude to be chosen for this role. These tears keep me humble.

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Gravity Glue

The Beauty of Alignment : Gravity Glueby Jeri Lawson
Balanced rock art, accomplished by being grounded, centered & focused completely on what you are doing.

Many thanks to fellow HT practitioner, Jeri Lawson, in Oakland, CA for posting this video to share. I’ve seen it in the past & marveled at these balanced rock sculptures. So far, my attempts have been much less ambitious, but are still quite calming.

Check this out. This young man accomplished amazing balancing of rocks by really focusing on their energy. This can be a meditative act, and is both calming & empowering

Alignment at it’s finest. If you liked this video, also watch this how-to video by Gravity Meditation.