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Want to learn basic energy self care?

Coming up on May 4-5, 2019, in sunny Sequim, WA, is a great opportunity to learn some easy self-care techniques using Healing Touch. My Level 1 Healing Touch class includes many easy-to-learn techniques to help yourself and others to de-stress, relieve pain, reduce anxiety & depression, sleep better, strengthen you immune system and improve you well-being on physical, mental, emotional  spiritual levels.

Stuck energy cartoon

This 2-day class provided 18 continuing education contact hours for nurses, massage therapists and physical therapists, and category 2 hours for physicians. That said, it is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about the human energy system and how to keep it open, clear and balanced.

Here’s a downloadable brochure for the class. Register & send in your deposit by April 5 to receive a significant discount on the tuition.

May 2019 L1 Brochure

Current and recent news

Want to learn Healing Touch?

Here’s your chance to take a Level 1 (entry level) Class in sunny Sequim, Washington, coming up September 21-22,2019.

This 2 day (18 hour total) class offers experiential learning of 15 energy healing techniques useful for self-healing and working on friends, family, clients or patients. It carries 18 C.E. contact hours for nurses and massage therapists, and elective CME hours for physicians & mid-level practitioners.

Here’s a downloadable brochure with registration form for the class:

Current and recent news

Lovely spiritual song about oneness

This YouTube video of the song “Light of Your Grace” is a deeply soothing listening experience, and the message, translated to English in part of the song, is one we all benefit from hearing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The words in English are:

I feel light
guiding our way home.
I see light
essence of my soul.
I am light
in my heart I know.
We are light
together we are whole.