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Video of Healing Touch in Chicago VA Centers

This short video was produced by the Chicago area VA system about use of Healing Touch for veterans, & how much it has helped them, especially with PTSD. It included interviews with the veterans about their personal experiences.

I offer this  to encourage more HT students & practitioners to consider volunteering to do HT sessions for veterans, and also to  the VA centers & those in charge of VA Stand Downs to consider having Healing Touch as part of your offerings.

Please check out the video – it touched me deeply! 

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FLOW as it applies to Energy Healing work

This is an excerpt from a post by Jackie Lawson, HTCP on her web page.

I have heard athletes talk about being “in the zone,” and I have read many accounts of artists and musicians describing their experience of “aesthetic rapture.” Now I am finding people from every discipline talking about “Flow.”

Flow is a state of complete focus, mental clarity, and instinctive action. These are the characteristics of Flow: the sensation of being outside normal reality; the feeling of timelessness; the sense that you are part of something larger; the absence of physical pain; and the experience of ecstasy.

The term Flow was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (pronounced “CHICK-sent-me-high-ee”) one of the world’s leading researcher on positive psychology. Check out his Ted Talk “What makes a life worth living?”

In a WIRED interview about, of all things, websites, Mihaly  was asked: “What do you mean by flow?” His response was:

“Being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

I experience the state of Flow every workday in my healing practice. I would say that as a healer, I have experienced Flow through Connection with Higher Source, Mastery and Setting a Loving Intention.

I propose that Flow + Love = Sacred Space.

I think it’s all the same state. Healing makes whole and, after a healing, clients feel much less addicted, unbalanced, and needy long after the session. In fact, in my practice, energy work has helped clients overcome physical and emotional addictions.

Flow is a healing state.

Please comment with any thoughts, experiences or ideas.

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Want to learn basic energy self care?

Coming up on May 4-5, 2019, in sunny Sequim, WA, is a great opportunity to learn some easy self-care techniques using Healing Touch. My Level 1 Healing Touch class includes many easy-to-learn techniques to help yourself and others to de-stress, relieve pain, reduce anxiety & depression, sleep better, strengthen you immune system and improve you well-being on physical, mental, emotional  spiritual levels.

Stuck energy cartoon

This 2-day class provided 18 continuing education contact hours for nurses, massage therapists and physical therapists, and category 2 hours for physicians. That said, it is open to anyone with an interest in learning more about the human energy system and how to keep it open, clear and balanced.

Here’s a downloadable brochure for the class. Register & send in your deposit by April 5 to receive a significant discount on the tuition.

May 2019 L1 Brochure

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Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing

In early November, 2019, while in Nepal, I had the privilege of attending a class in using Himalayan healing bowls for Chakra Balancing sound healing sessions, doing hot bowl massage and sound massage using bowls. Our instructor, Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi, is a 3rd generation master healer who teaches, gives singing bowl concerts and group healing sessions all over the world.

This Chakra Balancing treatment is so soothing and healing that I came home with a set of 7 lovely singing bowls, and have been giving sound healing sessions to many friends and clients. It is a delight to add this healing modality to my toolbox!

Student doing chakra balancing in class.
My harmonic healing chakra bowls
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More on Gratitude

With the start of this new year, I am filled with deep gratitude for all the beauty, bounties and blessings of life on this precious planet.

Gratitude has been defined as a felt sense of wonder, thankfulness and appreciation for all of life. Spending a few minutes each evening contemplating the things for which I am grateful brings a sense of peace and joy, balancing out life’s frustrations, sorrows and worries.

Comfort and strength come from appreciation of the myriad people, places, events and living beings who have enriched our days and our lives. Gratitude makes us stronger, more buoyant when facing the rough waters in our lives. With a focus on gratitude, we become happier and more satisfied, able to be more mindful of all our interactions.

If you are thinking. . .How can I feel gratitude when there is so much wrong in my life and in our world? . . . here are a few suggestions that may help:

Find a jar, bowl, vase or other container with a color, shape or design that appeal to you. Be sure the top is wide enough to fit your hand, or at least a few fingers, inside. Cut up small strips of colorful paper, maybe 1″ X 3″. Each evening, take a strip of paper and write on it 1 thing that day that you appreciated, enjoyed, or felt happy to have in your life. Be creative – it can be a person, animal, plants, scenery, song, or something as simple as having vision to see, hearing to enjoy music, or any of your other senses.

Gratitude jar

Start a gratitude journal – it can be any sort of notebook . Each evening, contemplate the day, then write down 3 things/people/animals/places/events/encounters/conversations/whatever that you appreciated or were pleased about. You may be surprised how soon you start wanting to write down even more – indulge yourself – write a whole page of gratitude if you wish!

Gratitude journal

If you don’t want to take on a writing project, try relaxing at bedtime, sitting or lying down, then taking a few slow, deep breaths. Contemplate the bounties of the day, then speak aloud about those things that made you smile, laugh with joy, or warmed your heart. You will sleep so much better for having done so.

Sweet dreams
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Video about Healing Touch, from an interview in Nepal

Here’s a short video of an interview I did for a Nepali TV network show on Health & Wellness.

The lovely woman who hosts the weekly show came to have Healing Touch treatments by me & HTP-apprentice Uttam Kamal Bajracharya at his clinic in the Kathmandu Valley. She was so pleased with the results that she sent her videographer to tape me answering a series of questions about Healing Touch. I felt deeply honored to be given this opportunity to explain our work, especially in a country where Complementary/Alternative/Integrative healthcare is the norm, & it’s validity and usefulness is accepted by most people.