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Not knowing is a good thing!

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“Allow the mystery. Accept not-knowing as a legitimate state of being.”  

                                                                                          Stephanie Bennett Vogt

It seems that when we are certain about what is true, real, correct, appropriate or necessary, that is the very time when we close ourselves off to new ideas, experimentation, the joy of new experiences, new friends, and new ways of living. 

When we are able to accept NOT  having all the answers, then we can open ourselves toImage result for possibilities

So, sit in a quiet place, take a few slow deep breaths, calm your over thinking, doubting mind, and open yourself to the myriad wonders and miracles of life. Forget what you perceived as limitations, adopt a beginner’s mind, think about what makes your heart sing, then. . .

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Current and recent news

Healing Touch at Univ. Of Wisconsin – Madison

This 2 minute video from University of Wisconsin – Madison about the Healing Touch sessions they offer to their patients is definitely worth watching.

Here’s the link:

If you or someone you love is to receive cancer chemotherapy of radiation therapy, Healing Touch can definitely help decrease side-effects, reduce anxiety & help you stay calm & centered through your treatment.

Contact me at to discuss setting up appointments during your course of treatment.

Current and recent news

Chakra System and Healing

Chakras are energy centers which concentrate life force from the universe and are distributed along energy channels, distributing this energy to the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems. 

These chakras are connected to our ethereal, emotional and physical bodies, regulating everything from our physical being to our state of consciousness. Therefore, when your chakras are in balance, so are your mind and your emotions. There is now scientific evidence of the existance & importance of our human energy system.
Every chakra, mental state of being and emotion has its own specific vibration and resonant frequency. This is the secret force behind the transformational power of spiritual song, music, mantras and spoken prayers. Our various mental states and emotions are related to specific chakra sound frequencies and will also respond to color of a corresponding frequency.

Combining on- or off-body energy work, such as Healing Touch, with sound, color and light can clear, balance and energize our energy system to promote optimal health. 

Contact Dr. Penny at to schedule an appointment to balance your energies – a great way to start the new year!