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Video about Healing Touch, from an interview in Nepal

Here’s a short video of an interview I did for a Nepali TV network show on Health & Wellness.

The lovely woman who hosts the weekly show came to have Healing Touch treatments by me & HTP-apprentice Uttam Kamal Bajracharya at his clinic in the Kathmandu Valley. She was so pleased with the results that she sent her videographer to tape me answering a series of questions about Healing Touch. I felt deeply honored to be given this opportunity to explain our work, especially in a country where Complementary/Alternative/Integrative healthcare is the norm, & it’s validity and usefulness is accepted by most people.

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Healing Touch at Univ. Of Wisconsin – Madison

This 2 minute video from University of Wisconsin – Madison about the Healing Touch sessions they offer to their patients is definitely worth watching.

Here’s the link:

If you or someone you love is to receive cancer chemotherapy of radiation therapy, Healing Touch can definitely help decrease side-effects, reduce anxiety & help you stay calm & centered through your treatment.

Contact me at to discuss setting up appointments during your course of treatment.

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Healing as Ceremony

This post by a Healing Touch friend in San Francisco is one I found so relevant in this holiday season. It is a time when we remember and long for the company of family and friends who have passed.

What a sacred way to honor the memory of our loved ones, and to help heal the emotional scars of their loss.

If you are feeling in need of some sacred healing space, please consider calling or e-mailing for an appointment for such a sacred and ceremonial energy healing session. 


Healing as Ceremony

by Jeri Lawson

IMG_7965Sacred Space is healing.

I recently had a session with a woman on the second anniversary of her Mother’s death.

Two years ago she had a session with me a few days right after her Mother’s transition, and also on the first anniversary of her passing.

We lit some candles and chose the perfect music. The session was so beautiful. In that sacred space, that oneness, we both felt a connection to everything that ever was and ever will be.

She told me the sessions provided a place where she could fully “recognize all the feelings that were coming up” and “acknowledge the many layers of sadness and release” she was processing.

She said she felt so much comfort from the healing.