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New TV News video about Healing Touch

The local TV station in Ketchum, Idaho has posted a short (2 minute) video they aired on the benefits of Healing Touch done in their hospital. You can see it at this link:

Short video on Healing Touch

The only error in the video is that Healing Touch is actually offered at over 100 hospitals in the U.S., not 4o as they stated.

There are specific Healing Touch techniques for migrane headaches, tension headaches, trauma headaches & sinus techniques, as well as ones for anxiety/stress, back problems, nerve pain, and clearing side effects of anesthesia, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

To learn more, consider taking my Level 1 Healing Touch workshop, or at least an introductory/self-care presentation. The latter are free, & I am glad to schedule such a presentation at your institution, church. club or organization, as long as at least 6 people plan to attend. Contact me at for more information.