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Healing: Aligning With Your Highest Intentions

IMG_0893This Jan. 1, 2016 post from Jeri Lawson, a wonderful Healing Touch & Reiki practitioner in Oakland, is such a great example of the many diverse uses of energy healing work. What we do is not just for pain, anxiety, chronic illness or stress. Balancing your energy field and aligning with your higher self and life-purpose can have very far-reaching effects. Thank you, Jeri, for your lovely reminder of this!

I often schedule a healing for myself when I feel sluggish or ungrounded. Most of my clients also come for a session when they feel out of balance or stressed.

A few months ago I had a client who came for a healing so that she could energetically align with her highest intentions. This involved taking her small business to a new level.

Before the healing, she explained exactly what she wanted to manifest. She had researched her initial goals as much as she could. She had reorganized her office, her schedule, and even her computer to handle the expected volume increase.

She had also spent months deeply reflecting on the personal issues that had once held her back. Her insights were remarkable. She was so clear and grounded, and so present.

For her, the healing was a culmination of all the internal work she had done. She saw her business as an external manifestation of that work. She was now ready to align with her highest intentions and move forward in her life.

I could feel the energy in the room moving before she even got on the table. The session was so powerful. The energy was swirling, rolling, and expanding throughout the session. The vibration was very high; my focus as a healer was to keep the space grounded for her.

It was an eye-opening session for me. I was reminded that healing is not just about fixing what is wrong or out of balance. The healing space, sacred space, is also a place from which to create and manifest.

It is important to note here that the most transformative Reiki and Healing Touch sessions are often very subtle. So subtle that the effects of many healings are not even realized until days after the session.

Contact me at 360-461-4538 or to schedule a healing session, and experience for yourself the beneficial effects of Healing Touch & other energy modalities.

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