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Fuel Your Soul – an energizing technique

If all the fear-based news coming at you from every media source has left you feeling drained, exhausted, tense and un-grounded, here is a simple 5-step energy healing technique that can help energize you.

As far as I know, this technique originated from Yolande Boule Douglas, a French-Canadian Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor from Quebec. I learned it from Cindy Palajac, another Canadian HTCP/I from London, Ontario. Each of us made minor adaptations from the original technique. Thanks to these 2 fine instructors for sharing.

  • Start with your hands crossed over your heart/upper chest area, with fingertips touching your collarbones. Send love, gratitude and strength to your heart chakra (the main energy center for your body).
  • Put your left hand over your heart chakra and right hand over the sacral chakra, mid-lower abdomen,just above your pubic bone. Connect these 2 energy centers by visualizing light energy moving in a figure 8 (infinity symbol) between your hands. The sacral chakra is the energy center for your emotions, but also for the Peyer’s Patches in your lower small intestine – an important part of your immune system in responding to viruses. Ask this part of your immune system to function optimally in protecting you from viruses, especially those entering through your digestive tract. At the same time, ask that your emotions (fear, anxiety, anger, worry) be calmed, instead feeling love, joy, gratitude & compassion.
  • Now, hold your hands facing one another in front of your mid-upper abdomen (the solar plexus chakra, your mental energy center), with your hands about beach-ball width apart. Visualize holding a ball of light here, drawing in energy freely offered to you by the earth and its life forms (plants & animals). See the ball fill with this glowing yellow light energy.
  • Now, interweave your fingers to link your 2 hands together touching your upper abdomen & visualize moving your glowing yellow light energy ball into your solar plexus chakra, increasing your self-esteem and self-compassion and increasing your vitality.
  • Last, move your hands out to the sides of your body and rub your thumbs against the middle & index fingers for a short time, then turn both hands palms up, thanking the divine, archangels, angels & spirit guides for bringing their healing energy into your body and soul.