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Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing

In early November, 2019, during my 5th trip to Nepal, I had the privilege of attending a class in using Himalayan healing bowls for Sound Healing, doing hot bowl massage and sound massage using bowls. Our instructor, Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi, is a 3rd generation master healer who teaches, gives singing bowl concerts and group healing sessions all over the world.

This Chakra Balancing treatment is so soothing and healing that I came home with a set of 7 lovely singing bowls (one for each chakra), and now offer healing sessions combining use of Himalayan bowls, crystals and Healing Touch. It has been a joy to use techniques learned in Nepal and others I have developed, and clients find the work quite relaxing and also effective in reducing physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

For more information on distance Full Spectrum Healing Sessions, see my blog post from 12/2/21.

Bowls arranged for doing in-person healing sessions.