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“A truly compassionate person touches a chord in us that resonates with some of our deepest yearnings. People flock to such individuals, because they seem to offer a haven of peace in a violent, angry world. This is the ideal to which we aspire, and it is not beyond our capacity. But even if we achieve only a fraction of this enlightenment and leave the world marginally better because we have lived in it, our lives will have been worthwhile.” Karen Armstrong

In my view, this is what life is all about, and it IS an achievable goal for all of us. This compassion must include ourselves, if we are to be able to openly offer it to others. One way of treating yourself with compassion is daily self-care, whether that is through meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or a gratitude practice.

There are several self-care energy healing techniques in this website, 3 of which include instructional videos. Practice self-compassion by trying one or more of these.