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5 new Healing Touch Certified Practitioners

It is a delight to announce that 5 of my Healing Touch mentees have achieved the status of Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) within the past 2 months. All are skilled, compassionate, intuitive and loving healers, and are welcomed into the Healing Touch community.

Here they are (L to R): Lyn McKay, Jean Harding, Pamela Drake, me, Colleen Schwartz-Hall (all from WA state), and Paula Ciniero (from Two Rivers, Alaska)

With their achievement of HTCP status, I have now advanced to becoming a Qualified Mentor in the Healing Touch Program, and am welcoming new Healing Touch Practitioner-Apprentices to mentor with me through Level 5 and Certification. I mentor individuals and groups, both locally and at a distance. Group mentoring calls are done using Zoom, enabling rich discussions between mentees in different locations. With this technology, I am also able to observe my mentees providing Healing Touch sessions as a part of their requirements for HTCP status. 

If you have completed Level 4 Healing Touch and are seeking a mentor, I would be happy to discuss mentorship with you. You may contact me at or through the contact form on this website, and we can set up time for a phone conversation to discuss your mentoring needs.