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(Based on a presentation by Melinda Conner at the 2016 Healing Touch Worldwide Conference)

What is happiness?

  • a biochemical reaction to a physical or emotional stimulus (wait – this doesn’t sound too exciting!)

  • a change in individual perception – it IS a CHOICE

  • an opportunity for a new experience

  • an art – we can develop skill in happiness with practice

Why be happy?

  • It feels really good.

  • It changes relationships in a positive way.

  • Happy people live longer.

Are you happy?

  • If the answer is “Yes, but . . .” this means there is room for changes to bring more happiness.

All these increase happiness:

  • Some love connection – spouse, romantic partner, close friends, close family

  • Compassion without boundaries

  • Some level of honor

  • Service to the community of the earth as a whole

  • Spirituality – the brain is hardwired for it!

  • NOTE: Money is NOT on the list

Things you can do every day to increase happiness:

  • Stretching, exercise, movement or dance

  • Trying something new

  • Feeling you did something well

  • Loving someone (human &/or animal)

  • Honorable action

  • Altruistic action for family, community or earth

  • Regular spirituality, whether meditation, prayer, quiet contemplation, spiritual reading or singing, mindful walking

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but sadness, anger, depression or despair, and so much to gain.