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Healing Sessions for Guidance

(Paraphrased from Jeri Lawson, a wonderful healer in Oakland, CA):

inner-guidanceSometimes the main benefit of energy healing sessions is guidance.

Not my guidance, of course, but my client’s own inner guidance.

A Healing Touch session clears and balances your energy field, so you can hear your inner voice, and connect with your higher self, where you know your own truth.

Sometimes that guidance is just a feeling, an awareness that you are on the right path. Sometimes after a treatment, a client will say that she now knows what to do next..

Sometimes this next step is as simple as making a phone call to a good friend or saying no to one more commitment.

Occasionally, clients receive a full-blown vision or uncover their life purpose during a healing, just like in the movies.

Most often, though, we all appear to walk through this life one phone call at a time.