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Advice from elders

In going through files from a women’s circle which I led about 8 years ago, I found this question posed to our group of women (ranging in age from 55 – 80+): 

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone?

Here are the insightful answers given by these wise elders:

“Listen and move from your soul, not your brain.”

“Live each day as if it was your last.”

“This too will pass. Give it some time.”

“Just be yourself.”

“Be optimistic. Expect to overcome or handle any challenges.”

“Listen and learn.”

“Live your life with compassion for all living things. Be sure to include yourself.”

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What advice would you offer up to future generations, from your soul’s wisdom? 

May I suggest meditating on this question, then journaling your answers. They may turn out to be just the advice YOU need at this point in your life’s journey.