Middle-aged woman with recurrent profound depression

Profound Depression

Recently, I received the following feedback from a client I had previously treated for severe depression, low self-esteem and a feeling of hopelessness about her life. Having not seen this person for over a year, she contacted me with a recurrence of these same symptoms. After only 1 session, this is what she wrote:

“I **know** when my body is depressed. It’s way beyond a verbal thing. I know… KNOW… that after I emailed you… within an hour of that, the utter despair changed. And it was not fake. And I was not anticipating it. I sensed it in hindsight. And it was as real as real could be. I truly don’t know all that you do…that’s where trust comes in. Last week, I wasn’t looking for miracles or predicting a change and anticipating it, and had nothing happened, I would have been OK with that.
But I sensed a grounding. . .a return to a healthy place. And I’ve been in those dark holes for months and months and more… so, sensing it lift… I know it happened and it was real. I’m not ‘into” self-hypnosis or believing something into happening. So it if happened, it happened. And it did.
So, I’m deeply glad you are there.