Healing Touch classes

For those interested in learning Healing Touch, there are 5 levels of training to become a Practitioner. These classes must be taken in order. After Level 4, you become a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, and mentor with a HT Qualified Mentor to prepare for Level 5 & HT Practitioner Certification.

Levels 1, 2 & 3 each carry 18 continuing education contact hours for nurses, massage therapists, and physical therapists, and Category 2 credits for physicians. Level 4 & 5 classes carry 30 continuing education contact hours each.

Package prices at a significant savings are now available. You can learn more about available packages and about HT training at www.healingtouchprogram.com.

These are the Healing Touch Level 1-5 classes currently scheduled in Washington & Oregon in 2019. Information is updated as new classes are scheduled, so check back soon! 

My next Level 1 Healing Touch held here in Sequim, WA will be on March 23-24, 2019. See below for information & registration form.

If you are interested in taking a self-care, introductory or Level 1 class anywhere on the north Olympic Peninsula, or in Poulsbo, Bainbridge, Silverdale, Bremerton, west Seattle or Edmonds, please contact me at mandalahealingtouch.com. I am glad to teach a class in any of these locations if at least 6 people are interested in attending, and someone there will coordinate the class.


DATES                              LOCATION                       INSTRUCTOR                         CONTACT 

3/2-3/2019         University Place, WA     Donna Duff               kcregeur@gmail.com

3/9-10/2019         Everett, WA        Anna Marie Newman  johncolleenhall@hotmail.com

3/23-23/2019       Sequim, WA         Penny Burdick                mandalaht@gmail.com

March 23-24, 2019 Brochure & Registration form

3/30-31/2019      Eatonville, WA          Dawn Warnaca               dwarnaca@msn.com

5/11-12/2019       Eatonville, WA          Dawn Warnaca              dwarnaca@msn.com

6/1-2/2019         University Place, WA     Donna Duff                kcregeur@gmail.com

7/6-7/2019          Eatonville, WA           Dawn Warnaca              dwarnaca@msn.com

9/28-29/2019      Eatonville, WA           Dawn Warnaca              dwarnaca@msn.com

10/26-27/2019    Eatonville, WA           Dawn Warnaca              dwarnaca@msn.com



DATES                               LOCATION                       INSTRUCTOR                          CONTACT 

3/16-17/2019           Eatonville, WA         Dawn Warnaca             dwarnaca@msn.com

5/4-5/2019         University Place, WA     Donna Duff                 kcregeur@gmail.com

5/25-26/2019          Eatonville, WA         Dawn Warnaca             dwarnaca@msn.com

7/13-14/2019          Everett, WA            Anna Marie Newman     epjeharding@aol.com

7/20-21, 2019     University Place, WA     Donna Duff                 kcregeur@gmail.com

8/31-9/1/2019        Eatonville, WA         Dawn Warnaca             dwarnaca@msn.com

9/28-29/2019      University Place, WA     Donna Duff                kcregeur@gmail.com

11/16-17/2019         Eatonville, WA         Dawn Warnaca             dwarnaca@msn.com



DATES                              LOCATION                      INSTRUCTOR                           CONTACT 

5/4-5, 2019            Eatonville, WA       Dawn Warnaca               dwarnaca@msn.com

9/15-16/2019        Everett, WA        Anna Marie Newman   johncolleenhall@hotmail.com

10/26-27/2019   University Place, WA     Donna Duff               kcregeur@gmail.com


DATES                           LOCATION                      INSTRUCTOR                        CONTACT

June 7-9, 2019       Langley, BC          Cindy Palajac                   mandalaht@gmail.com 

This is the ONLY Level 4 class planned in WA, OR, ID or BC in 2019. Registration is limited to 16 students,      & the class is filling up fast. Register soon if you want to be included!   

Registration Letter & Form for Level 4 class, June 2019

There are currently no Level 5 classes scheduled in the Pacific NW in 2019.


DATES                              LOCATION                   INSTRUCTOR                      CONTACT

Oct. 25-27, 2019     Everett, WA     Anna Marie Newman       pdrake50@aol.com

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