Invest in your Wellness


  • Foundation Visit                                             $125, cash or check        On your initial appointment, we build a foundation for your energy care by including a detailed intake interview so that I can understand you more fully on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is followed by a Full Spectrum Healing session. Plan 2-3 hours for this visit.
  • Healing Session                                                $85.

     These further healing sessions are for ongoing healing, new issues, or maintenance of wellness, and last 60-90 minutes.    

Wellness Packages 

  • 4 healing visits for $300. pre-paid  ($40 discount)
  • 6 healing visits for $450. pre-paid  ($60 discount)
  • 8 healing visits for $600. pre-paid ($80 discount)

     Following your foundation visit, a series of healing sessions are a great investment in your self-care, and are offered at a discounted price.                All sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Surgery package                                             $400. pre-paid

    Plan ahead to prepare for surgery, be more relaxed, have less anesthesic side-effects and heal faster. Included are:

  •  A session 1-2 days before surgery, to de-stress and prepare your body energetically  
  • On the day of surgery, treatment sessions before and after the surgery (in the hospital if in Pt. Angeles or Pt. Townsend, or distance healing if out of our area 
  • 3 additional post-operative sessions, 1 day – 2 weeks apart, to promote healing

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