Endorsements as a Self-Care, Introductory & Level 1 Instructor

From Astrid Raffinpeyloz, Volunteer Services Manager for Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County (VHOCC)


Healing Touch is an energy technique that can be used with patients and clients as well as with oneself. Dr. Penny Burdick focused on self-care for all of us caregivers in our volunteer work (and in our personal lives!)

She reminded us that breathing deeply and intentionally allows for centering oneself and took us through a visualization that generated a feeling of being grounded.
We learned various effective ways to care for oneself. These simple exercises can generate a feeling of peace and gratefulness (and for me at least a moment of bliss!) Remember, feeling good is what allows us to sustain our ability to serve our patients and cl
ients well.

From April, 2015 Level 1 Healing Touch students:

“Penny, you are a divine human being and I feel blessed to have been able to spend the weekend learning from you. Thank you!!”  

“I really enjoyed the class. It will be fun and interesting to use this on my massage sessions. Also appreciate the awesome snacks.”  

“I have been a helper for several of Penny Burdick’s Level 1 Healing Touch classes. She has always presented the material in a very comprehensive and knowledgeable, professional manner. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious, encouraging, promoting self-confidence & camaraderie. In all, a great meeting of various healing practitioners and modalities.” 

From Sept, 2015 Level 1 Healing Touch students:

” Penny is an incredible instructor, gifted in her ability to teach, inspire and allow students to experience HT at their own pace, while still guiding the class and staying on schedule. Her energy is warm, lively and supportive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her class to colleagues or friends.”

“Penny has a fabulous grasp of the techniques and a concise & clear way of teaching that is memorable and easy to grasp. Structure of the class flows easily from one technique to another, making it easy to remember how to structure a full H.T. session. She also points out the best techniques to use in a crisis or limited time frame for best effect.”

“There are so many forms of Energy Medicine. Healing Touch blends so well with my Reiki Practice. Penny was an amazing instructor, leader and hostess. Thank you Penny! I come away feeling more empowered, ready to practice and use my new skills.”

“This was great. I was a little afraid to step & try this, but I’m glad I did. Thank you for your patience and graciousness with my lack of experience.”

“Enjoyed the class more than I thought I would. Setting and content was productive, informative and useful. Penny was and is a warm and approachable instructor who loves what she does and it shows. Thank you for a great weekend.”