Mentoring with Dr. Penny

Information for H.T. Practitioner-Apprentices on Mentorship

with Dr. Penny

If you have completed Level 4 Healing Touch, or are planning to take this workshop soon, it is a good time to consider choosing a Mentor for your apprenticeship. 

Your HT Qualified Mentor is your guide, adviser and supporter during your time as an apprentice, helping you complete the requirements for attending Level 5 (becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner) and then going on to Healing Touch Certification. 

I offer group and individual mentoring for apprentices anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. In group mentorship, the apprentices and their mentor meet monthly, either in person (if mentees live near the mentor) or with internet videoconferencing (I use Zoom). Between these monthly meetings, contact with individual mentees is done by phone or internet.

My fee for mentoring services is $50/month USD, payable by check or Paypal. This includes all group teleconference calls, email contacts, 1:1 phone calls as needed, reviewing your homework assignments, and my observation of you giving 2 Healing Touch treatment sessions to another person, and you giving one HT treatment session to me.

If you prefer only individual mentoring, this is also available for the same monthly fee. 

Please contact me at if you are interested in discussing possible mentorship in more detail.