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This blog post from Jeri Lawson, Healing Touch and Reiki practitioner, is one I found quite meaningful, & want to share with you.

Remember, we are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment, and being love is the supreme creative act.”

  – Ram Dass

In these difficult times, we all benefit by connecting with that which is greater than ourselves. There is so much support, energy and guidance available for every one of us.

We need only tap into it. It takes courage and commitment to take the time, quiet our mind, and let whatever needs to surface come up to be consciously released. It takes an abundance of self-love and compassion to keep our hearts open.

Just by connecting with Higher Consciousness, we connect with All-That-Is, Our True Self, Our Highest Guidance, which is a profoundly healing state.

How can you connect with this healing space, with this inner wisdom?                                                        Meditation? A walk in the woods? Music? Energy self-care? A Healing Touch treatment session?

Now is the time for radical self-care. This is the time to clear and ground ourselves so we can act from our highest wisdom.


Here is a lovely meditation on mindfulness to try while walking with your pet, from Animal Reiki instructor Kathleen Prasad. This would work just as well walking mindfully with a friend or child:

Meditation: “All is well”

Sit, stand or walk with your animal or in nature. Breathe deeply a few times and set your intent to be fully present in this moment.

Take 10 breaths, and on each in-breath, feel the earth energy coming up into your heart. On each out-breath, release any emotions, fears or worries you may feel inside you. With each successive breath, feel more and more stillness and stability within you. Once you have completed the 10 breaths, allow yourself to sit for several minutes in the space of earth energy and stability that you have created with your breath. Allow yourself to connect with your five senses to the environment and animals around you.

Once you feel yourself fully calm and stable, bring your focus to your connection to the animal (or animals) in this present moment. Allow yourself to think about this moment and the shared experience you are having with the animal (and nature) for which you are grateful. Focus on the inner light and essence that is your and the animal’s true being. That light is filled with gratitude for life in this moment. Imagine that your heart can expand out of your body, creating a beautiful state of gratitude all around you. Say these words with your mind and heart: “Thank you. Thank you. All is well.” Simply invite the animal to share this space with you. Imagine that within this heart space, all is perfectly balanced. Feel gratitude enveloping both you and your animal. It is as it is, and all is well. Let go of your expectations (along with any worries about what needs to be healed) and continue to breathe the calm and strength of earth energy into your heart as you share this space of gratitude with your animal for as long as you like.




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